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B-hyve Timer

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A Flood Sensor unlike any other.

Preserve precious memories, protect against costly disasters, prevent panic and hassles.

Water Sensing
Water Sensing

It detects the presence of the smallest amount of water, sensing even a few drops. Durable and strong with a water-resistant design.

Smart Ecosystem
Smart Ecosystem

It can talk to other B-Hyve systems, communicating about leaks, turning off sprinklers to minimize any possible damage.

Control Anywhere
Control Anywhere

Comes with a B-Hyve WiFi hub that connects through long-range bluetooth so you can control it from anywhere you have your smartphone.

Discreet Size
Discreet Size

About the size of a silver dollar, the B-Hyve Flood Sensor can be concealed just about anywhere.

Replaceable Battery
Replaceable Battery

Comes with a CR2032 battery. Get low battery notices on your phone with the B-Hyve app.

Strong Adhesive Mount
Strong Adhesive Mount

Allows you to place the sensor anywhere, even in hard to reach spots, so that it’s safe from pets and kids. Adhesive is waterproof and long-lasting.

Protect what matters.

Place the B-Hyve Flood & Freeze Sensor anywhere to protect the precious things in your life.

Technical Specifications

B-Hyve Flood & Freeze Sensor

B-Hyve Flood Sensor
B-Hyve Flood Sensor App Compatibility

iOS – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 8 and higher
Android – Android version 4.3 and higher

Smart Home Compatibility

Works with the full b-hyve smart system

Size and Weight

Length 1.8”
Width 1.6”
Height 0.5”
Weight .037lbs

Power Requirements

CR2032 Long-life Battery

Bluetooth / WiFi

Bluetooth 5.0 Extended Range. WiFi control with hub.

Temperature Range

-10 C to 60 C

Waterproof Rating



2 Years

Temperature Sensors

Detect low temperatures to avoid frozen pipes

Proximity Chirp

Mild chirp to alert of problems when in close-proximity

WiFi Hub
WiFi Hub WiFi Compatibility

Standard 2.4Ghz WiFi


Up to 200 feet

Power Requirements

110V Standard Outlet

Max Connected Units